On Getting Fried

Sue me…I just liked the image.

This edition of the Strange World is about the trials and tribulations on becoming someone. In my case, it refers to either finishing my M.A. on Creative Writing and becoming a college/university adjunct professor (because I can’t deal with non-adults at the moment) and/or becoming an established fiction writer (one who sells at least 14 copies of any publication). Which one is easier? Neither! The good thing about this is that you’re progressing with every second that goes by.

My freelance writing has stalled completely because I have to be constantly writing and reading for school. I am happy to announce, though, that my writing has become exceptionally diverse. It’s no longer the formulaic dark humor, psychological horror, and satire. My latest work is bordering on what I call “societal fiction” with traces of science fiction. It is not an easy read and it is quite technical. However, I have kept my trademark controversy since, it seems, I cannot write anything too conventional. This is, perhaps, because I’ve gone through so much weird shit in this life that barely anything shocks me anymore. My influences have converged and have materialized in my writing as a hodge-podge of non-conventional ideologies. I guess some people would consider this as an extension of the psychological horror I’ve been writing up to now? (Yes, that is a question mark at the end of the preceding sentence). I’m thinking Camus.

Anyhow, I just wanted everyone to know that I have not expired . . . yet. I’m just keeping myself busy trying to write quality material.

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