Controversy is good publicity

It’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog. There are many reasons for this. First, I’ve been busy writing stories. It is not easy writing in an unconventional way when you are surrounded by . . . well, conventionalism. This is not me. I am not one among the billions. Life is not supposed to be a routine which begins when you are “supposed” to be part of the rat race. This has affected my philosophy on religion, politics, and thought process.

The second reason is because I’ve been trying to get into graduate school. This is also not an easy task. Last year, I was victim to the disorder in the school system. I will not mention who I am referring to but it was very disappointing. Additionally, I have also applied to be a junior high teacher with the Department of Education. Imagine that!

There are other reasons but I will not get into them at this moment.

My writing has become very controversial and disturbing because of the philosophical changes last year. I have realized that I do not have to emphasize the genre “comedy or dark humor” because it comes naturally. My latest project (writing) deals with a man who defies all the institutions practiced in America. The story deconstructs the norms of society and questions everything from established religions to the corruption in government. It is an exploration on individualism, existentialism, and rebellion. It is also a reminder that progress and evolution has been detrimental to society. However, it also touches upon the mind’s capacity and its potential.

It is, once again, a surreal manuscript reminiscent to Franz Kafka and David Lynch but with a twist: it is also an unconventional love story. Only time will tell if it’ll have a happy ending or not. (It is rare for me to write “snuggly cuddly” stories.)

I am referring to this story as the “4 A.M. project” because my insomnia has worsen and I seem to always wake up at this time. I get out of bed, make a cup of coffee, and begin tapping away at the keys. Seems like this has become my preferred time to write but it will eventually kill me.

I would like my readers to add any comments or ask any questions concerning the content of this post. It would be greatly appreciated.